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(Overview of Keyboard Shortcuts)
(Overview of Keyboard Shortcuts)
Строка 53: Строка 53:
| E
| E
| Enter/Leave [[Экспедиция_Гильдии|экспедицию гильдии]]
| Enter/Leave [[Экспедиция_Гильдии|Экспедиция гильдии]]
| Only in city
| Only in city

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The browser version of Forge of Empires offers you a lot different keyboard shortcuts, which will make it faster and easier to manage things in the game.

Overview of Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Effect Notes
Escape Close current window Replaces the 'Enter' key method of closing some windows
B Enter/Exit Build Mode Only in city
U Open/Close Army Management Works when in city
C Open/Close Message Center Works when in city or GvG continent view
X Cancel production Only in production window
R Open/close research / tech tree Only in city
M Открыть/Закрыть карту континента Only in city
I Toggle Inventory open/closed Only in city
T Toggle Market open/closed Only in city
G Open/Close Guild window From either City or GVG Continent View
E Enter/Leave Экспедиция гильдии Only in city
Q Toggle quest overview open/closed Whenever quest overview is accessible
V Open GvG / Go back to global GvG view* / Go back to city** From city / *In GvG continent view / **In GvG global view
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Select Negotiation Partner / Select Resource for Negotiation / Submit attempt (the confirm button) экспедицию гильдии, within negotiation minigame
Backspace Go back to city Anywhere in the game, except for from another person's city, and only when no additional in-game windows are open