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Age - your progress is divided into time periods called ages visible in research tree.
Attached units - units recruited in military buildings.
Available population - number of citizens that are unemployed.


Blueprints - parts of a construction drawing that is required to build Great Buildings


Cultural building - building that provides happiness and needs to be connected to the city hall by road.


Daily Calculation - at the end of every day, during the daily calculation, power from Guild vs Guild is paid out and attack protection on GvG map is lifted.
Decoration - building, usually small one that provides happiness and doesn’t need to be connected to the city hall by road.
Deposit - goods deposits are available on continent map. You need them to boost production of specific good.
Diamonds - premium currency of Forge of Empires.


Easter Eggs - resources used in Easter Event.
Event - time-limited in-game feature which usually allows players to get some special prizes.
Expansion - used to enlarge the available building space of the city. every expansion consists of 16 tiles.


Forge Points (FP) - special resource needed to research technologies and level up Great Buildings.


Great Building (GB) - special buildings that give your city certain bonuses and can be leveled up by Forge Points.
Guild Expedition (GE) - cooperative feature where you and your guildmates fight your way through a number of battlefields to get ahold of rewards and guild power.
Good building - building that produces resources like: lumber, marble, iron. Good deposit - goods deposits are available on continent map. You need them to boost production of specific good
Guild - group of players working together to achieve certain bonuses.
Guild vs Guild (GvG) - cooperative feature where you and your guildmates fight to expand your guild's territory and hold on to it.


Happiness - indicator that shows you how happy your citizens are - more happiness means your workers will be more productive.


Inventory - place where you can store items acquired from quests, events and Guild Expeditions like special buildings, blueprints, seasonal currency, Forge Points packages etc. You can also check how many goods you have in your storage here. You cannot store here any buildings that were already built.


Market - place where you can trade your goods with other players or merchants.
Medals - resources gained from tournaments or special buildings.
Military building - building that allows you to recruit battle units.


Negotiation - peaceful way of solving an encounter or conflict by spending some goods.


Power - resource collected by guilds to get boosts that can be gained from Guild vs Guild, Guild Expeditions and special buildings.
Population - number of citizens in your city.
Prestige - Prestige is calculated from the level of a guild and the daily power. It is used for the global guild ranking.
Production building - building that produces supplies.
Province - small part of the continent map which gives special rewards when acquired.
Push - a push account is an account that is mainly used to help another account while neglecting other parts of the game. Operating a push account or knowingly benefiting from it is forbidden.
PvP tournament- weekly challenge that allows players to compete agains each other.


Quests - special tasks that need to be done in order to get some prize.


Resources - coins, supplies, medals, goods, Diamonds an other special currencies.
Research Tree - to progress you need to unlock technologies available in Research Tree.
Residential building - building that provides you citizens to work in your city.


Sector - special assignments from your advisors that you need to complete to get special prizes.
Stars - resources used in Winter Event.
Support - group of volunteers helping other players via our support system.


Tower - represents outgoing tournament and allows participants to check their current ranking.
Team/FoE Team - supporters, forum moderators and other volunteers that help players on every day basis.
Tickets - resources used in Summer Casino during Summer Event.


Units - soldiers and machinery that fight for you in battles.
Unattached units - units produced by Alcatraz, gained as quest rewards or won in events.