Кубок FoE по футболу 2018

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Самый важный турнир в мире Forge of Empires. Профессиональные футбольные игроки прибыли в вашу империю, чтобы состязаться в Кубке FoE по футболу! Игроки принимали участие в соревнованиях по пенальти, где они зарабатывали кубки за забитые голы. Самые лучшие игроки могли получить Кубок Соседей - символ умения и славы!

  • All the action takes place in the event window that will be presented to you by your favorite jester - Rinbin!

You're taking part in a penalty shootout contest and you can choose how to shoot. Each option has its pros and cons. You can take the safe route and win a few cups. But you can also take your chance and try one of the other options and (maybe) get many more cups! It's all up to you.

  • Each time you miss a goal, you increase the number of cups that can be won by making that particular goal. The first person who makes the goal takes it all and the cup reward is reset.
  • You can use your fans to increase your chances of scoring goals (this will cost you a few cups though).

Grabbing prizes
There are three different kinds of prizes that you can get in the FoE Soccer Cup:

Soccer GrabPrize.png

The rotating rewards
The rewards here will change every 6 hours, so you can get up to 4 different rewards per day! These will be various buildings, Observatory blueprints, coins, supplies, medals and Forge Point packages.

The chest
The contents of the chest will remain the same over the course of the FoE Soccer Cup event. However, unlike the rotating rewards where you can be certain that what you see is what you get, the chest represents a random chance of getting one of the rewards inside of it. Hover over it to see what you can obtain.

The Top Scorer reward
Neighborhood Cup.png

This is the cup that you can win if you're the best coach in your neighborhood. If you manage to have the highest single-shot score in your neighborhood when the timer gets to 0, you will win it! It's much more than just a cup. It's a symbol of glory and fame!

Soccer buildings.png

Among the rewards you can get, soccer-themed rewards. Get them all and you can construct a very nice, small stadium!