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The Champion is a special military unit released during the 2014 Easter Event. These units have a variety of age-dependant bonuses but they all possess the special abilities of Chivalry and Call of Duty. Champion is a fast unit but from the postmodern era and onwards it becomes a heavy unit.

Age: Icon reward age.png Multiple Ages
Type: Icon reward military unit light infantry.png Light Unit or Icon reward military unit heavy infantry.png Heavy Unit
Attack: Icon attack.png From 8
Defense: Icon defense.png From 5
Range: Icon range.png From 1
Movement: Icon movement.png From 22
Attack: age dependant
Defense: age dependant
Chivalry.png Chivalry Call of duty.png
Other Info
Battle Points: Icon rank.png age dependant
Requirements: Military small.png Champion's Retreat
Training Costs: none
Training Time: Icon time.png 24 hours
Healing Time: Icon time.png 144 mins/hit point