Хэллоуин 2017

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Before hordes of kids will walk from door to door to trick some sweets from irritated residents on the night of October 31 to November 1, you can play the Halloween Event a little earlier. Therefore, save yourself the trouble of walking to the front door once a minute and bring home the horror of Halloween right now! None other than the frightful pumpkin head Jack O’Lantern is back again and spreads fear and fright over your city! The monster is not only a huge fan of pumpkins (obviously) but also has a whole range of riddles for you to be solved! But stay alert! The past year showed me that even if the riddle sounds very simple it might turn out different than you think…

If you actually did bite into a pumpkin frustratingly, or even missed the whole event last year, this Halloween is your chance: For solving the whole quest chain you will of course get a special reward, but, you have the chance to get the reward building from last year’s Halloween event “Graveyard” again. Graveyard provides your city a pretty cool happiness boost. If you already secured the graveyard last year or one of its big brother, don’t fear for your bragging right: In that case, you’ll be able to unlock a cool upgrade or to win a renovation kit if you already have the last version!

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